The Passcode Log in Case Study

The consumer and consumer banking mobile app login presented some unique challenges. One of these challenges was the fact that consumer and commercial login credentials (user ID & password) were separate. Put simply, if you happened to be a consumer banking customer AND a commercial banking customer you have two different login credentials but only one passcode.

Defining the Problem

Multiple Accounts…One Passcode

  • If the user has passcode set up on their mobile device, the problem for the consumer + commercial user is they can only have one passcode for app access. The solution to this issue was to provide a link on the passcode screen with a simple link “Business User?” which would direct user to the UserID/Password login screen, whereby they could sign in with either their commercial credentials.

Usability Testing

  • Usability testing provided key insights and provided objective rationale for key technical and business decision


  • When the app was released, the business unit expressed concern this experience was going to cause confusion among commercial account holders and began to lobby for building a separate app for commercial account holders.
  • I conducted usability tests to determine if this was in fact a problem for commercial account holders. The results of these tests proved that users with passcode login set up had  no trouble accessing their commercial accounts.


To access the users business account, they will click on the ‘business user?’ link

Modal dialogue displays instructing them to click on ‘User’ ID login link

Clicking on the  User ID login link will take the user to the regular log in screen


The log in screen w/o passcode log in. The user can easily switch back to passcode log in by selecting Passcode Login link