Cash Club

How do you incentivize independent agents to sell more Stillwater policies? Don’t make it complicated – offer cash for each policy sold. The concept we formed was the Cash Club. Incorporating the Cash Club promotion in FIRST (Agent Portal) along with a clear, brief and easy explanation was the UI challenge. Making sure we hit on what agents desire was the UX challenge. 

Cash Club Project Summary

The Cash Club was a project intended to incentivize agents to sell more Stillwater policies. It was a replacement for the ‘Stillwatery’ lottery-style incentive. Instead of putting all sold policies into a bucket and drawing a random winner, the Cash Club was intended to directly reward agents for sold policies.


The Concept

Several concepts of the Cash Club visuals were presented, but the one we landed on was a take on the club card, which would imply “membership”. In order for agents to take advantage of the Cash Club, they have to sign up.  Once a theme for Cash Club was established, we decided the best place for this promotion was on the FIRST Agent Portal dashboard. Each time an agent manages an existing policy or creates a new quote – they arrive at the dashboard. The unique proposition with Cash Club is once they sell a policy an immediate cash deposit is made into their account – no waiting around for a check to deal with.





Placing the promotion on the portal in a highly visible location allows participants to join easily – when they want.  A selected group of agents are presented with Cash Club membership opportunity as determined by business rules.

A link taking the user to more details and membership enrollment is prominently displayed. The central idea is to extend an invite – not club the agent over the head with membership details. Only a select group are invited to join the Cash Club.