Direct to Consumer

Stillwater Insurance was for years dedicated only to independent agents to sell & manage consumer policies. My UX/UI work was dedicated to designing the consumer experience in both marketing and transactional domains. 

Key successes were a steady increase in consumer mobile app adoption and more policies were sold directly to consumers than through independent agents in 2021.


Why Choose Stillwater Insurance?

The first order of business was to create a “brand” to help us stand apart from various competitors and have a compelling message to stimulate and promote brand awareness. By partnering with Marketing & Communications department I was able create a visual form for the ‘new’ consumer facing Stillwater Insurance Brand. 

For more details, view the marketing site case study.

View Marketing Site Case Study

Get a Quote, Buy a Policy

Once we have provided a compelling message to direct consumers to further investigate Stillwater as a potential insurer, we needed to strike the right balance between regulatory considerations, business rules, technology and an engaging design – all with the non-functional goal of a user being able to complete a quote and bind a policy in 5 minutes or less. For more details on the quoting design process check out the Auto Quote and Home Quote case studies.

What am I purchasing and how much will it cost?

Allowing the consumer to see exactly what they’re getting, how much it costs and where they are on the quote was a guiding principle during the design and requirements phase. Of course at all points on the quoting journey, the user can save their quote and return anytime. The UX challenge was to take complex business rules and regulatory restrictions and design them in such a way as to be understandable and not intimidating.


Included Coverages. Allow users to see how much they’re paying for existing coverage as well as the ability to modify coverage limits.


 Provide a roadmap so the user can know exactly where they are on their quoting journey. They can easily go back to each completed section.


A dynamic quote details panel will provide confidence to the user how much their policy is likely to cost, location information and who their licensed agent is.

Intuitive and Repeatable Design Patterns

A frequent design pattern encountered was to design a flexible interface that would allow the consumer to complete the required task in such a way that is clear and does not interfere with unnecessary text explanations.

Form entry was a challenge because of multiple business and regulatory rules about what information we HAD to get. In this example, Add Driver, other than the usual Name, and other relevant information related to adding additional driver, if other specialized information was needed (in this example, the Yes response to violations/accidents question) additional information will be required. 

Making a payment is another example of this feature. Payment plans for Home Insurance are complicated and varied. The trick was to present all of the available payment plans while at the same time allow the user to see, clearly, what each payment plan entailed and allow them to, in essence, compare payment plans. 

Providing a clear and understandable design pattern to afford both simple (renters) and complex (homeowner) payment plans to be consistent in purpose and design.


Manage your policy anywhere, anytime.

The power of policy management is now in the hands of the consumer. Update mailing address, download Auto ID card, change account preferences, and much more. For more details, check out the Consumer Self Service Case Study.

Consumer Self Service Case Study

Account Settings

Notification Preferences

Paperless Statements set up

Policy Information at your fingertips


Filing a Claim

The essence of insurance is peace of mind. Things happen and having the ability to file a claim quickly and efficiently is a critical feature we needed to get right.

Auto ID & Roadside Assistance

Auto insurance cards and roadside assistance – essentials to a consumer facing insurance app.

Accessing your insurance card is easy – even if you have multiple autos. Simply navigate through the policy selectors and click on the policy action button (auto id card). 

Your insurance card can be easily added to your Apple or Google Wallet as well as download, print a backup or email. 


Policy holder can access roadside assistance in the same manner as auto insurance card. Don’t have roadside assistance with your auto policy? No problem, you can add it to your policy quickly and easily. 

All wireframes & prototypes created with Figma