INsite Case Study

Same Data, Different Experience.

FIRST, the agent portal, was designed with the agent experience top-of-mind. Agents have specific needs when selling and managing policies. Stillwater customer service reps have the same need for data, but need a completely different experience. That’s why we developed and designed a completely different experience for customer service reps – while utilizing the same dataset FIRST was built from.


Here’s how it works:

1 – A policy holder calls 800 customer service with inquiry about their policy(s)

2 – INsite automatically displays the customer policy info based on the incoming phone number associated with policy

3 – A customer rep receives call ready to service the inquiry

Any note entered by the customer service rep is entered into the system and is reflected in both FIRST and INsite – keeping both reps and agents in sync.

INsite and FIRST share not only same customer data, but also source the same relevant documents

Coverage types, limits and premiums are easily accessed.

INsite provides a detailed summary view of critical policy information as well as the assigned agent.