Case Studies

Define the problem. Collaborate. Design a solution. 

Agent Portal Redesign

The agent portal, aka FIRST, was in desperate need of an overhaul. In conducting a cursory competitive audit, it was readily apparent that the Stillwater agent portal was behind its main competitors from a UI perspective.

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The Account Selector

A classic UX quandary: translating a complicated navigation structure into a flexible and desirable experience for the user. This case involves commercial credit card banking. Due to the data structure from the mainframe, the navigation of ‘groups’ and ‘accounts’ involve potentially 20+  levels of hierarchy.

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Passcode Log in

The consumer and consumer banking mobile app login presented some unique challenges. One of these challenges was the fact that consumer and commercial login credentials were separate. Put simply, if you happened to be a consumer banking customer AND a commercial banking customer you have two different login credentials.

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Enhanced Balance Transfer

The majority of consumer credit card balance transfers were being done via balance transfer “special offer” mailings enclosed with paper checks for the account holder to use to transfer external credit balances to their FNBO credit account. Balance transfers were available online, but in order to complete the process the account holder had to use a 3 digit code that would come with the offer in the mail.

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