Consumer Self-Service

The legacy Stillwater consumer self-service experience was antiquated and needed a complete overhaul in order to stay relevant in a very competitive consumer insurance space. Incorporating the “Know How to Insurance” consumer marketing campaign and design feel was a starting point. The real benefits for the consumer are essential features such as; roadside assist, coverage modification, complete claim management, and critical policy updates. Designed and developed iteratively with critical input from real users, agents, and policy stakeholders, this was a major enhancement for Stillwater Insurance consumers.


Legacy site

The legacy site, while functional, was antiquated and did not deliver a compelling experience for consumers. Stillwater Insurance was traditionally geared towards independent agents, but a new marketing push towards consumers was launched in 2019 and along with it, a complete overhaul of the marketing web and mobile as well as the self-service experience.



Increase consumer engagement with Stillwater Insurance through enhanced experiences and useful features.

Account Management

Change/update your account settings – minus the hassle.

Roadside Assist

Need a tow? Locked your keys in? No matter, you’ve got 24/7 protection against the inevitable. 

File a Claim

Now you can file a claim when you need to at the most crucial time – right now. 

Auto Insurance Card

Keep your proof of insurance on the ready at all times – regardless if you’re in your vehicle or not.

Make managing a policy less of a headache through intentional design. 

 Look & Fee

Typography and imagery was keyed off new marketing design. The tagline, “Know How To Insurance” informed design decisions such as creating user-specific messaging and learning opportunities. 

 Unauthenticated Features

A key enhancement to the mobile app was incorporating the ability to make a payment and view auto insurance card without logging into the app.

 New Experiences

Key new features include the allowing the user to modify their policy coverages and file a claim directly through the app.

Filing and managing claims just got a ton easier.

1 – Start

Easily start the claims process. The legacy self-service system did not provide a way for the user to initiate a claim other than calling a claims representative.

2 – Status

View the status of your current claim(s). Now as a Stillwater consumer, you can view the progress of your claim through the updated self-service app.

3- Record

Historical record of your claims. You can always view a historical record of your claims. This is an entirely new feature and one often requested by Stillwater customers.

Update and change your policy and see what it will cost.

Vital policy info at your fingertips. See how much you’re paying, how much you’re saving and access key policy actions such as make a payment or view auto insurance card.

See exactly how much you’re paying for each component of your policy. If it’s your auto policy you’re looking into, get a breakdown by total premium as well as for each vehicle.

Change policy coverage directly through the app and see the change in cost before committing.

From Concept to Final Product

Working collaboratively with analysts, product owners and other key stakeholders is a key role I played in the design and development of the consumer transactional experience.






All wireframes & prototypes were created with Figma